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Getting Started

Setup will create new database files (both) in master and worker nodes and setup a new database with tables. Give it about 5 secs to complete

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This server's ip localhost, running at , geo , timezone


Party represents the 'person' aspect of the Ledger. Party is the human role in the transaction. The Party repository maintains the parties involved whose identities are carefully hashed.


Assets are exchanged between Party(s) for money or other Asset(s). Asset(s) are tangible or intangible. Asset(s) have a perceived monetary value.



Agreement represents the contract between the Party(s) involved, negotiated value of the Asset, terms and conditions, policies and warranty.


Ledger(s) are transactions between parties on Asset(s) based on Agreement. Ledger(s) are append only. Ledger(s) maintain the hash keys of the parties, Asset(s) and Agreement(s) involved.

Patient Transactions

FHIR Patient Package (Compliant with HL7 FHIR R4 Patient, Release 1). Demographics and other administrative information about an individual or animal receiving care or other health-related services.


Ledger analytics.


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